Beat Generation

Beat Generation

We are discussing here The intensively industrialized civilization caused economic affluence but led to mental bareness. Individuality and freedom had been bereft of mercilessly.  Nearly all the members were gays and had the experience of drug smoking. Among the influential members were Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Kerouac Beat Generation.

They recorded the experience of themselves and revealed the reality of the bottom through their works, giving an extended howl of pain to the fashionable civilization, which deprived human freedom. In their eyes, the humanities and behaviors were closely related; the humanities reflected the behaviors, while the behaviors embodied the humanities.

Allen Ginsberg was probably one among the best-known contemporary poets in recent history. He was born in 1926 in Newark. Many of his writings were interpreted as controversial and obscene. The reading of Howl resulted within the arrest of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the owner of City Lights Books, on obscenity charges. The authorities objected to Ginsberg’s openness concerning his homosexuality also because of the graphic sexual language. Many of his other writings affect subjects like narcotics.

Many of his other writings affect subjects like narcotics

William Burroughs was born in1914 in St. Louis. Most of his writing centered on the underworld and drug sub-cultures and his film, Naked Lunch, achieved cult status. Beat Generation.

because the author of the infamous novel, On the Road, Kerouac became a pacesetter and a spokesman for the Beat Movement. Many critics often questioned Burrough’s literary merit, observing that much of his work was mundane rambling that encouraged and glorified a world of medicine and immorality.

Like Whitman and Blake

The beat movement broke call at the special social and political background in America. After war II, America began to tend to a closed society. The beats were taken as a gaggle of cynics, hooked into the drug, crimes, and homosexuality. Like Whitman and Blake, they extolled all creatures and advocated the standard American style purity, simplicity, and freshness.

Then, the beats rejected the prevailing American bourgeoisie values, which aimed toward the pursuit of ease and luxury. They showed strong contempt for the comfortable but very dull life sort of bourgeoisie and compared it to ” a pool of the stagnant water “which stifled the breath of individual freedom to death. They turned a blind eye to the convention and pursued the new exciting life filled with the journey and surprise, which had broken through the restriction of conventional morals. The beats drank themselves within the drug, and crimes, and took these because the bliss of life because they thought that they lived for themselves and thought of themselves as the championship for freedom.

Then, the beats rejected the prevailing

But everything turns to the other when it reaches to the acute. therefore the beats’ excessive violation of convention and riot against orthodoxy incurred bitter and fierce slander and censure from many critics. The beats attempted to prove their firm faith within the freedom with the unorthodox views on life. But their lifetime efforts clothed to vain only got a touch approval and compassion.

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