Camping With Horse

Camping With Horse

We are discussing here There are few things in life that are more enjoyable than horse camping. to urge faraway from work, the city, the noise, and traffic, to flee to a world of massive, blue skies, wide-open spaces, tall trees and mountains, fresh air and endless trails … spending hours together with your favorite horse (and friends and family, goodbye as they’re good company, too!). Life just doesn’t get far better than this.

Camping with horses is fun but does require advance preparation and planning.

There are different options for the trail rider who wants to camp. In some parts of the country, you’ll find fancy stables that rent stalls for the night where your horse can safely sleep, contained during a barn while you “rough it” at the local hotel or a bed and breakfast. There are equestrian campgrounds at some state parks that have corrals and hitching rails for the horses, water, and showers and bathrooms for people, and even electricity for campers. This article will discuss camping, starting with just the fundamentals.

Preparation: Your Horse

The most important element for an enjoyable camping trip is your horse. Your horse should be trained tolerably in order that you’re ready to handle him in new and different settings. He should skill to face tied without fussing.

Before beginning on an extended trail ride weekend, if you propose to spend many hours within the saddle riding tons of miles, make certain you’ve got ridden and conditioned your horse sufficiently. This a part of the preparation that is completed within the weeks before your first campout.

Horse items to pack for a camp-out (in order of importance, from the horse’s point of view!):

Feed: Hay and grain (if he normally is fed grain). Keep the diet as on the brink of what he eats reception, and pack enough to last for your camp-out. Hay bags or hay nets are handy to feed hay when camping or traveling. do not forget the bucket for grain.

Water: determine before time if you would like to require water for your horse

Tack and equipment: Pack your gear carefully, taking care to seem for worn or faulty equipment which will cause problems on the trail. Replace worn cinches or straps. Take an additional saddlecloth, extra halter, extra lead rope, and do not forget the bridle! If you do not have a grooming box, get a plastic tote box and pack it with brushes, hoof picks, curry comb, sweat scraper, sponge, fly spray. Preparation: Rider

Take whatever toiletries you will need – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, sunscreen. Take enough food to last you.

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