First WordPress Website.

My First WordPress

We are discussing here Before doing that, let me explain what WordPress can do for you … If you don’t know what a content management system ( CMS) is, it’s the ability to manage your own content without the need to edit files. In short, it is the best thing that can happen to the way we manage our content. There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the web that use WordPress as their content management system, and after it’s done with you, you’ll also have your own.

Let’s first put aside the idea of hiring a web designer, because you don’t need one for this! The best things in life are free, as they say; Knowledge is free and lucky for you, WordPress is also free. The first thing you should do is visit the WordPress website and download the latest version of WordPress. The download will be a ZIP file; Chances are it’s about two megabytes in size. Remember, it doesn’t install on your computer; it installs on your web server, and then I’ll explain what a web server is, so, for now, all you want to do is download it.

All you want to do is download

Next, you’ll need to get hosting for your website. I would recommend something from Godaddy or 1and1 because they have good customer service and give you a free domain or free hosting with the purchase of one or the other. Be sure to get PHP Linux shared hosting because WordPress is written in a scripting language known as PHP. Once you have your hosting, and you have been told how to upload your files (FTP), then you should proceed to set up a MySQL database, so that WordPress can store all your content.

You will need your MySQL login details. Your login to your MySQL database will be provided to you from your host (username, password, server, database name). You are on your way to starting your own WordPress website. Fun times! Go ahead and unzip the content of your WordPress ZIP (the one you downloaded from the website), and start uploading the files via an FTP software (your host can help you with that). After you have entered your files on your site, you now need to configure your WordPress installation. And when I say configure,

My First WordPress

WordPress makes it very easy to configure. When you access your website through a web browser, WordPress will immediately detect if it has been installed and instruct you on how to proceed. It will ask you for the MySQL database login, the title of your new website (blog title), and some other minor details. If you had trouble installing, just go back to make sure you did everything right (and make sure you’ve loaded it into the correct folders!)

The best place for WordPress themes would be Your site may seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll get over it. Look in the right sidebar that has lots of links, and scroll down to the bottom looking for WordPress Themes. Click on the number “1” next to “WordPress Themes” to see their first top-rated free WordPress Themes. All you need to do now is download your theme from the download link (to your hard drive) and then upload your FTP software again because it’s time to upload your theme!

That your newly downloaded theme

In the FTP of your website, you will see a folder that says “wp-content”.so that your newly downloaded theme appears next to the other folders. Once the theme loads, all we have to do now is activate it in WordPress. Open your WordPress administrator and log in. In the left navigation you will see many things, such as publications, pages, tools, etc. Go ahead and click the “Appearance” button. Do you see anything here that looks familiar to you? Maybe the song you downloaded? Click the “activate” link below the thumbnail of the template you uploaded, which will then activate your new WordPress theme. If all went well, you should now be able to see your new theme on your website!

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