Is Death Preordained?

Is Death Preordained?

We are discussing here I have read that God decides beforehand the time and place of our death. is that this possible and if it’s, can it’s changed? Are we destined to die at some specific time and place and is there any thanks to knowing when and where beforehand and perhaps arrange to not be there at the appointed time and place, and skip the appointment? Is Death Preordained?

First and foremost, there’s much that must be cleared up regarding the topic of death. Death is some things that mankind has feared and been fascinated with since the start of your time

Dictionary definition; Death is that the act of dying the top of life

In this article and for purposes of dialogue, the Soul is that the Entity, one and therefore the same, it’s just that for private reasons I prefer the term Entity over Soul, thanks to detrimental religious baggage attached to the term Soul.

In greater terms, there’s truly no such thing as death as you know it. The above definition is correct to a particular extent, but not entirely true in other terms.

You are not your human body and never were. Your consciousness exists independent of physical form.

Much more complex organisms than your scientists realize.

But there’s far more to think about. In an over-simplified way, your human body may be a two-part construction, consisting of the inner directive, identity consciousness that you simply ask because of the ego, the (I) that you simply know so well and therefore the bodily consciousness, about which you recognize little or no. The body consciousness operates under the directive of the inner self and functions quite automatically.

The top of life; the entire and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism

The human body is that the results of almost unimaginable co-operation of those innumerable, smallest conscious, physical particles, working together to construct a viable physical construction which will function a home for the directive, self-aware consciousness of the physically materialized directive, ego personality while it’s focused within the physical system.

Unbeknownst to most of science today, equally of physical matter possesses a point of consciousness.


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