My Near Death Story

My Near Death Story

We are discussing here Do you realize there are as many near-death stories within us, alone, as there are people without health care coverage? I even have researched this extensively. Doctors agree that there’s a huge firing of the brain’s neurons at the purpose of death. the idea is that the firing of millions of neurons is that the explanation for hallucinations which are interpreted because of the near-death experience by the patients brought back after an episode. If that’s true then there’s no truth to any of the experiences you’ll hear. These near-death stories, however, remain interesting due to the sheer volume of them, and within their similarities in the stories. There might be one other explanation for the huge firing of neurons at the purpose of an individual’s death. My Near-Death Story

The purpose of an individual’s death

I’ll present the likelihood to you, then you’ll decide. I present the likelihood that as we near death, or within the process of death there’s a splitting, or a separation of the spirit and therefore the soul. Definitions of our soul differ so I will be able to word this indifferently. there’s a process of separation of our human body and our immortal spirit during the method of death. during this process, all that creates us who we are migrates from the physical to the spirit leaving the dead husk behind. No, I’m not qualified in any thanks to saying that.

That’s why I said it’s up to you what you think. that’s always the case anyway; simply it’s up to you what you think. With this in mind, I will be able to tell you about my experience. don’t take it to seriously because the doctors could also be right.

Seriously because the doctors could also be right.

I don’t think my story will disappoint you. it’s like most other near-death stories except in two areas. the primary is that the depth of the experience, and therefore the other is that I met someone while it had been happening. If it had been caused by my brain’s neurons firing then it had been more sort of a skyrocket. there’s a 3rd difference, which is I used to be not brought back by human endeavor, rather I used to be sent back with a task to perform. that would sound ominous but it had been, probably all just a hallucination. that ought to put it back to, just, a stimulating story.

probably all just a hallucinations

I was twelve years old. This happened during the summer between elementary and junior high school. We lived a little rural town within the Texas Panhandle. We are a family of nine. My father was a landscaper. Mom was a homemaker. I had three brothers and three sisters. there have been three older than me and three younger. I had a pet turtle I named Fred. He was a true pig of a turtle. He would eat anything I gave him. Fred started deed from home the year before.

Dad had the contract at the cemetery

Dad had the contract at the cemetery, just west of town, that year. He was liable for the overall care of the grounds and digging the graves. Johnny Ray, my older brother, and that I did most of the mowing and irrigating during that summer. That left Dad liberal to look out of his other customers. He was very particular about the graves, so he always did that. He was a perfectionist when it came to graves. He would actually shave the walls together with his spade until they were perfectly smooth.

Dad wanted the cemetery pristine on Sundays for visitors. The Saturday after Johnny Ray’s accident Dad dropped me off at the cemetery just before dawn to line up the irrigation system and obtain it started. After he dropped me off he went on to chop a few lawns. He was getting to bring me some lunch when he got an opportunity so I could work on through.

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