What is Death?

What is Death?

We are discussing here Death is that the grand finale of the soul’s existence during this human body but it’s not the grand finale of the existence of the soul. At death, the soul discards the body and assumes it’s spiritual now –
material state. When it discards the fabric body it becomes free from the restrictions of matter. It can travel at the speed of thought, much greater than the speed of sunshine. Spiritual substances
that were invisible before appear and communications with other spirits become possible. It retains the facility to remain at the earthly level or join the Creator alongside the billions who have already joined Him/Her.

Search and determine

Almost all citizenry are scared of death. Why? I presume it’s the fear of the unknown. we do not know what is going to happen, or where we are going.

Therefore, to urge obviate the fear, we’ve to seek out out the reality and know that it’s true. How can we all know that? a method is to research. Search and determine.

Find out who all investigated this subject and if they got an equivalent answer that you simply get. Was their investigation logical?

Did anyone get other answers and the way were those answers obtained? Where did they are going wrong to urge different answers? Were their investigations logical, reasonable methodical? Were they trying to seek out the reality or did they are going on their belief system without logic?

The only thanks to getting the right answer is by searching, again and again, many times and getting an equivalent answer whenever.

The only thanks to getting the right answer is by searching

How can we discover out about the experience of death? we’ve to be ready to communicate with the dead or examine the reports of these who had near-death experiences.

Many people, who were revived after being declared dead, reported possessing seen the opposite world.

Raymond Moody Jr. wrote that several people have told him that, during their encounters with death, that they had brief glimpses of a whole separate realm of existence during which all knowledge of past, present, and future appeared to co-exist during a timeless state. Alternately, this has been described as a flash of enlightenment during which the topic appeared to have complete knowledge because they were during a place of data. it had been like they knew all things.”

Oscar, the brother of nineteen-year-old Miss Loganson

Evidence for survival of the soul is supported by incidents during which a living person receives information which only the dead soul knew. That information is obtainable only from the one who died. There are several samples of this on record.

Oscar, the brother of nineteen-year-old Miss Loganson, was murdered on a farm 50 miles faraway from where she was in Chicago. There was no explanation when or how Oscar disappeared. His neighbor was of no help. The police had no lead. Then Loganson saw in dreams over a period of a few weeks that her brother was murdered by a neighbor and buried in his poultry pen. Oscar’s spirit continued to convey the story daily for one week to convince her. She visited the town and influenced the police to interrupt open the door of her brother’s house then to the house of 1 Bedford, his neighbor.

They found traces of blood in Bedford’s kitchen. Then she visited the hen house and acknowledged an old pavement, insisting that her brother’s body was below that. It took tons of persuasion to convince the police that a body was under the old, undisturbed pavement. But Loganson was sure for she had seen it in her dreams. She was ready to persuade

The police to interrupt the old pavement and dig and that they found the body underneath.

Friederike Hauffe was a tolerant Justinus Kerner, a doctor, poet, and friend of Goethe, practicing in Weinsberg in 1826. She was haunted by the ghost of 1 Friederike with a squint. He had embezzled some money but another person was accused of the crime. He seemed to Hauffe during a dream and acknowledged the files within the archives where the proof of embezzlement was. nobody knew that these files existed. Nobody else could have given this proof except the spirit of the dead.

After Dante’s death, his sons Jacopo and Piero searched for all his works but couldn’t find thirteen cantos of Paradiso. Dante appeared during a vision to Jacopo and took him to a house of Giardini
where he wont to live before he died. Dante acknowledged a wall with matting fixed thereto.
Jacopo immediately was wide-awake and visited Giardini and went with him to the house, which Dante had acknowledged. They found the matting fixed to the wall. once they removed the matting, they saw a touch window with several moist manuscripts. They were the thirteen cantos they were trying to find. If they weren’t recovered then, they might are lost permanently.

Four years after his father’s death

James L. Chaffin, an eccentric farmer lived in Davie County in North Carolina. He executed his will on November 16, 1905, consistent with which he left everything to his favorite son, Marshall. He disinherited his spouse and three other children, John, James, and Abner. On Sept.7th, 1921, sixteen years after he executed the desire, he died. Marshall obtained probate of the desire and no-one contested.

Four years after his father’s death, James, the second son, had been dreaming about his father repeatedly. In June 1925, James had so vivid a dream that he awakened during a sweat. This dream was almost frightening. His father appeared by his bedside dressed, as he had been all his life during a long black overcoat which had been his trademark for the previous ten winters. In his dream, James saw his father pull open the overcoat and point
to the within pocket again and again and abruptly disappear.

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